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South Central, AB

The FraqMAXTM PLUS WF600 Series Filter, with its innovative and patented design, combines the power of cleaning while in service, multi-phase filtration with forced settling and solids collection into a single device. The fouling resistant filter element delivers a consistent level of solids removal down to 10 microns while processing a wide range of extremely nasty, highly loaded, difficult-to-treat frack water. The unique cross-flow action combined with an engineered element delivers the highest possible flow and maximum solids separation without constant plugging or forming a cake layer.

Other key advantages include:

• Operates consistently and reliably where other filters can fail on fluid streams containing some or all the following:

• High total suspended solids (TSS), 100-10,000+ mg/L.

• Simple, self-cleaning, manual or automatic operation.

• Compact footprint.

• Operationally efficient.

• Low maintenance and high uptime – no filter changes.

• High water recovery up to 99%.

• 8.25 psi -10.49 psi pressure drop across the filter.

• Differential based monitoring.

Located in South Central, AB. Units are brand new never used.

$75,000.00 plus tax (subject to availability)

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1992 Separator - 36" 285 PSI

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1986 Inlet Sep 36" 638 PSI

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