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Unit Summary:                                                                                                                                 

Compressor: Gardner Denver SSM (206mm)

Driver: Caterpillar 3304 NA

Suction Scrubber Vessel: 18” OD integrated horizontal vessel (c/w filter)

Blowcase Vessel: Optional

Lube Oil (coalescing) Vessel: 18” OD x 101” s/s Horizontal Lube Oil Separator

EJW Cooler: Global Heat Transfer GHT 23001

Compressor Lube Oil Cooler: Brazed aluminum bar & plate cooler EHRIS

Compressed Natural Gas Cooler: Brazed aluminum bar & plate cooler EHRIS

Driver Silencer: 4” Hospital Grade Plus exhaust

Suction Controls: 2” V200 V-ball control valve

Control Panel: Altronic class I zone II

Packaging & Enclosure: Trailer mounted; fully insulated building 8’ (W) x 8’6” (H) x 15’ (L)

c/w two doors and one window.

Sour Specification: 1/8” corrosion allowance, 100% X-Ray on all welded process piping and vessels. Process pipe welding completed with a registered weld procedure with documented hardness below 200HBN, therefore PWHT not included.

Commissioning / Start Up:

Complete start up and commissioning services by highly trained and experienced Vortex field personnel.

(not included in scope of supply price)

Operating parameters: 0 to 50 psig inlet

300 psig discharge

Please note: 350 psig discharge option available upon request.

Skid EdgeConnections:                                                                                                                         

Inlet: 4” 300 ANSI

Discharge: 2” 300 ANSI

Vent: Blowdown header 2” NPT

Fuel / Start Gas: 1 ½” NPT Auxiliary fuel/ start gas

Liquid Drain: 1” NPT Liquid drain

Oil Drain: 1” NPT Engine oil drain

Rotary Screw Compressor:                                                                                                                    


Gardner Denver SSM (206mm) gas screw compressor


Maximum 50 psig


Maximum 350 psig

Cast iron housing

Nodular iron rotors

Turn valve capacity controller

Load/Unload single lever detent control valve

Fixed Vi (3.0)

3” 300 ANSI cone strainer

40 type mesh

150% open area

3” 300 ANSI full flow inlet check valve

3” x 12” s/s flex joint

Filtration: Donaldson dual oil filters

DPI gauge c/w shutdown

* Bearings: Cylindrical Roller bearings at the inlet end. Time proven tapered roller bearings at the discharge end. These bearings have reduced friction providing lower rotation speeds and longer life

** Rotors have asymmetrical "Kypho" profiles for maximum efficiency over their entire operating range delivering an increase of 3 to 5 % operating efficiency. This improved profile also provides tighter seals which reduce slippage and eliminate vibration. The larger rotor diameters also provide more compression per RPM, reduced

Compressor heat and overall lower operating costs.

Compressor Driver, Natural Gas:                                                                                                         

Driver: Caterpillar 3304 NA

Power: 95 HP (71 KW)

Cylinders: Four cylinder, In-line

Bore & Stroke: 121mm Bore, 152mm Stroke

Altronic III (Class 1, Zone 2) Magneto ignition

Crankcase E-vac system

Murphy (VS-2) high vibration switch

Shutdown Switches

Kenco auto oil level controller c/w shutdown

Murphy low engine coolant level switch

High Engine RPM/Engine overspeed switch

High EJW Temperature

Low engine oil pressure switch, (20 psi dropping)

15 Gallon engine oil day tank

Sight glass

Manifold vacuum gauge shutdown

Gas Starter


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