Unit Type:




 Gardner Denver SSH (177mm)                                                                        


Caterpillar 3304 NA

Suction Scrubber Vessel:

18” OD integrated horizontal vessel (c/w filter)

Blowcase Vessel:


Lube Oil (coalescing) Vessel:

18” OD x 101” s/s Horizontal Lube Oil Separator

EJW Cooler:

Global Heat Transfer GHT 23001

Compressor Lube Oil Cooler:

Brazed aluminum bar & plate cooler EHRIS

Compressed Natural Gas Cooler:

Brazed aluminum bar & plate cooler EHRIS

Driver Silencer:

4” Hospital Grade Plus exhaust

Suction Controls:

2” V200 V-ball control valve

Control Panel:

Altronic class I zone II

Packaging & Enclosure:

Skid mounted; fully insulated building


c/w two doors and one window

Sour Specification

1/8” corrosion allowance, 100% X-Ray on all welded process piping


and vessels. Process pipe welding completed with a registered weld

procedure with documented hardness below 200HBN, therefore PWHT not included.

Commisioning / Start Up:

Complete start up and commissioning services by highly trained and experienced Vortex field personnel.

(not included in scope of supply price)

Operating parameters:

0 to 50 psig inlet


300 psig discharge


Please note: 350 psig discharge option available upon request.


 Skid EdgeConnections:                                                                                                                      





4” 300 ANSI


2” 300 ANSI


Blowdown header 2” NPT

Fuel / Start Gas:

1 ½” NPT Auxiliary fuel/ start gas

Liquid Drain:

1” NPT Liquid drain

Oil Drain:

1” NPT Engine oil drain

 Rotary ScrewCompressor:                                                                                                                 




Gardner Denver SSH (177mm) gas screw compressor


·  Maximum 50 psig


·  Maximum 350 psig


·  Cast iron housing


·  Nodular iron rotors


·  Turn valve capacity controller


·                Load/Unload single lever detent control valve


·  Fixed Vi (3.0)


·  3” 300 ANSI cone strainer


·                40 type mesh


·                150% open area


·  3” 300 ANSI full flow inlet check valve


·  3” x 15” s/s flex joint


·        Donaldson dual oil filters


·        DPI gauge c/w shutdown


* Bearings: Cylindrical Roller bearings at the inlet end. Time proven tapered roller bearings at the discharge end. These bearings have reduced friction providing lower rotation speeds and longer life


** Rotors have asymmetrical "Kypho" profiles for maximum efficiency over their entire operating range delivering an increase of 3 to 5 % operating efficiency. This improved profile also provides tighter seals which reduce slippage and eliminate vibration. The larger rotor diameters also provide more compression per RPM, reduced compressor

 Compressor Driver, NaturalGas:                                                                                                       




·        Caterpillar 3304 NA


·        95 HP (71 KW)


·        Four cylinder, In-line

Bore & Stroke

·        121mm Bore, 152mm Stroke


·        Altronic III (Class 1, Zone 2) Magneto ignition


·        Crankcase E-vac system


·        Murphy (VS-2) high vibration switch

Shutdown Switches:

·        Kenco auto oil level controller c/w shutdown


·        Murphy low engine coolant level switch


·        High Engine RPM/Engine overspeed switch


·        High EJW Temperature


·        Low engine oil pressure switch, (20 psi dropping)


·        15 Gallon engine oil day tank


·                Sight glass


·        Manifold vacuum gauge shutdown

Gas Starter:

·        TDI Pre-engaged low pressure pneumatic starter


·        Panel mounted start button


·        1 ½” start gas piping

Exhaust System

·        4” Hospital Grade Plus Silencer


·        Expansion joint


·        Rain

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  • All sales will be handled in Canadian Funds.
  • All items are sold "as is, where is" unless otherwise stated in "details description".
  • It is strongly recommended that buyer's preview items before purchasing.


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