Febuary 1st 2017

Energy Auctions Inc is pleased to announce we will be offering Professional Appraisal Services. We will be able to appraise equipment, land, business', Real Estate etc for your company whether it be for your bank or your internal audits. 

We are very excited to offer this service as the industry today needs to know where it stands in relation to capital and where it is being used and how to stretch it to continue production.

Call Marlon 403 815 2016 for a free consultation


Major Announcement:

Energy Auctions Inc announces ‘Leasing’ options for surplus equipment.

We’re very proud to announce that we can now provide leasing options for the industry! There will be a leasing program along with a lease to buy program implemented immediately for surplus equipment in the oil and gas industry. This means that:

Capital output will no longer be a hindrance when purchasing equipment.
More capital available to utilize in other areas rather than every $ going to purchase price!
Less risk
Options to fit your budget
This exciting option will be made available immediately to the industry says Marlon Ellerby President Energy Auctions Inc. "In todays world every dollar counts and if you don’t have to lay out everything up front the economics of your project will make sense. At $48 oil…risk management is crucial and I believe using our leasing options it will minimize that risk".

Terms are specific to the type of equipment of course. Below are some general guidelines.
24 month minimum terms
Maintenance in or out contracts available
Return and no return charge contracts available
Option to purchase contracts available.
"We will look at each deal individually and we are flexible. We need to get the industry working again and providing the capital to complete or under go new projects and this will be one way to ensure that" says Marlon
For more information regarding the program and requirements
Please contact:
Marlon Ellerby
President – Energy Auctions Inc
403 815 2016


Call Marlon for details and available equipment.

Unreserved Nexen Surplus Valve Auction - SOLD

The onsite/online auction for RJV Gas in Vegreville turned out to be a very successful day. With 300 Registered Bidders including 75 Online. We sold over 650 Lots (all to the highest bidder). See below what Don Cherniawsky (COO) had to say about the service Energy Auctions provided...


I knew I picked the right guy to conduct our auction. Thanks for all your hard work to pull this off in a short time.  There were definitely more lots that I had anticipated but despite your stress your professionalism came through at the end.  

I would highly recommend your company and if by chance we do this again, I will be calling you.

Thank you Marlon and a thank you to your support staff

Keep in touch.

      Don Cherniawsky C.E.T. COO

      Manufacturing Division Manager

        Phone: 780-632-7774 

        Fax: 780-632-6820 
        Cell: 780-208-0236




We have just received 19 WELLSITE TRAILERS ranging fro 1997 - 2007. These are mostly 'Double Enders" with one 50/50 split. 

Prices for the 1997 - 2001 range from $25,000 - $30,000

Just an update on the auction for RJV @ their yard in Vegreville on Sept. 19th. The sale will be completely UNRESERVED!!

Added 19 Sea Cans, Brand New Generators, Trucks, Separators (NEW)



Regardless of what is going on in Alberta politically (EA is based in Alberta) or even how the glut of oil pushed into the market place to sustain market share an keep prices down.

Regardless of all of this we need to employ 'creative marketing' more than ever to stay ahead in these difficult economic times!

I had the opportunity last week at the Oil Show in Sk to speak with Service companies as well as Producers. Both were saying the same's very tough out there right now. 

The 'producer' is maintaining their current production with little to no new drilling etc. 

The 'service' companies...some not all... are sitting back not spending any money on advertising or marketing. 

I personally on the other hand have a totally different view as to what to do in this economy. 

Go for it!! 

Now is the time to market... now is the time to get your name out... now is the time to become creative and look for new opportunities! Sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring or the door of the shop to open is not going to get you through these times. You have to be proactive an look for new ways of getting your goods to the market place! 

An example of how we can help...

We can turn our site on for 1 item for an hour with silent/sealed bids or 

100 items for a live auction for as many days as we feel it will take to get the proper exposure.

We can do all of this with you anonymously or if you want your name exposed. We can set 'minimum starting prices' to protect you. 

We can joint venture with you and take a set fee that we both agree on. Where every part of the transaction is transparent to both buyer and seller.

There are a million ways to help you! I personally know of 3 companies that I have spoken with that are very close to closing the doors. My advice is let's get proactive and see if we can liquidate some assets before there won't be the opportunity!

I am more than willing at my expense to come to your office to sit down with you, or go to the field to picture equipment that you can let go. 

Don't quit! Call me @ 403 815 2016
Thanks for doing business with us.


Marlon Ellerby
Energy Auctions Inc
1 403 815 2016

P323 Wheatley 50hp Triplex Pump Pkg.

B326 Oilwell Triplex 200hp Pump Pkg.

6' x 18' Treater (Heated) 75psi

Brahma Compressor 99hp Screw Pkg

Arrow/Corken Screw Compressor 74hp

Ariel 200hp Screw Compressor

24" x 8' Sour Separator

6 x 16" Separators

4 x 400bbl Tanks

912 Pumpjack

Electric VRU

Ajax Pump Skid

Twin 60T3H National Oilwell Triplex Pump Skid - SOLD

SOLD - 2 x J165T-5L Triplex Packages - SOLD

6' x 20' Alco Inlet SOUR Sep Pkg

4 x 400bbl L-Skidded Tanks

18,000 USG LPG Bullet

100bbl Ins, heated, d/w, Skidded Tank NWP 

400bbl L- Skidded Tank GLM SOLD

36" x 10' Sour separator 1440psi SOLD

24" x 5' LP 2 Ph Sweet Separator

30" x 10" Group Separator 500psi 3 Well Header

Pumpjacks 114, 160, 228, 320 Available Immediately

Lineheaters, Amine Skid, Triplex Pumps, PC Pumps


1997 Altafab (#381) Double Ender Trailer 12’x56’ $57,500.00

1997 Altafab (#378) 3 office Geo Trailer 12’x56’ $63,250.00

1997 Altafab (#380) Double Ender Trailer 12’x56’ $51,750.00

1999 Altafab (#379) 5-5 Bed, Kitchen Trailer 12’x56’ $69,000.00

2001 Altafab (#381) Double Ender Trailer 12’x56’ $57,500.00

2001 Altafab (#383) 50/50 Split Trailer 12’x56’ $57,500.00

2007 BCT Mfg (#382) Eng/Eng Trailer 12’x60’ $115,000.00

For details, pictures, pricing, etc please contact
Marlon @ 403.815.2016