Auctions & Brokerage details

We can auction onsite live with the public attending the yard or online - computer. We recommend you utilize both to get the greatest chance for success.



1) Either picture the unit yourself along with as many details (drawings, datasheets etc) of the piece you wish to auction and send them to us and we will come to you.

2) There is no charge to list an item and only a charge if the item sells

3) You can place 'reserves' on your items 

4) Items must be in EA's hands at least 2 weeks prior to sale date for advertising purposes.

5) The item is yours an can be removed from the sale right up until the day of the sale. 


1) Go to 'Auctions' tab to see the Lots & to Register (FREE)

2) There is a 'Buy Now Option' for those that need an item right away

3) EA strongly encourages viewing the item prior to sale day

4) Preset/Proxy bid if you can't be online sale day.

5) Click on Lots to put in your 'Watchlist' so not to miss anything.

6) Payment is due immediately upon reciept of invoice via wire transfer, Certified check.

7) Once monies clears buyer will be sent via email a release. 

8) Bids are a legal binding contract, do not bid if you are unsure. 

9) Everything is sold 'as is, where is...there is no warranty unless stated at sale time. 


1) We visit the site your surplus is at.

2) We catalog with pictures and data sheets ect

3) We upload onto our 24/7 website that reaches global

4) We actively seek out buyers for your goods

5) We either take a straight commision or purchase outright

6) We do the paperwork, running, setup for each piece

Marlon @ 403 815 2016.