17 August, 2018

***Below is what is being offered via email offers sent to marlonellerby@energyauctions.ca. Please take note that this equipment is being sold in groups under each individual 'Land Site Description (LSD). When making your offer please refer to this list to see what all is included. 

The bid parameters for the offers are as follows:


1.    Bids are required to be submitted on a site-by-site basis (please see attached list of sites, inclusive of equipment lists) with all equipment located at each site to be included in the offer (i.e. no partial sales of a site’s full listing of equipment).

2.    If applicable, the successful bidder at each site will be selected by the Receiver in the week following the September 14, 2018 bid deadline, at which time a bill of sale template will be provided to the bidder for their execution by October 5, 2018, inclusive of a 50% cash deposit requirement and appropriate performance bonding. Offers must accompany a Performance Deposit(amount to be determined);

3.    If the sale is not approved, the deposit funds shall be returned within 7 days of the Court application; 

4.    If the sale is approved, the equipment is to be removed from each site in accordance with the requirements of the AER within 30 days of the Court’s approval of the sale, failing which the provisions of the performance bond outlined in 2 above shall prevail.

      5.    Email offers to marlonellerby@energyauctions.ca

To view/inspect equipment please contact Dale;

Dale R Brand

 Cell  +1 403 650 3378

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